5 Amenities To Look Forward To At Fuse Condos

Fuse Lifestyle With Enriching Amenities.

Time to take a closer look. Take a look at our beautiful amenities. We have 5,500 sq.ft., full of amazing indoor amenity space for enrich your lifestyle at Fuse Condos.

5 Amenities To Look Forward To At Fuse Condos:

1. Wellness Gym

The wellness gym is perfect for those who want to keep in shape, especially during the winter months. Usually, if you are in Toronto, there are fitness gyms around you, yes, but you might have to drive to them. When the snow is packed up high and when it’s cold outside, you don’t want to even go out the door, let alone work out. Problem solved! We will have a beautiful wellness gym at your fingertips ready for your workout without having to leave your building at all. That means no more wet hair outside in the cold. What’s an added bonus is the in-suite laundry, so you can put those workout clothes right in your washer when you are done with your workout. Convenient!

2. Yoga Studio

Practice yoga? We have a designated yoga studio ready for you. Enjoy plenty of space around your mat as you partake in your session. Stretch out and relax knowing that you are seconds from your suite and that you are meeting great new people in your building. It’s a great combination of fusing yoga with community!

3. Activity Room / Event Room

Having a birthday party or event? Things can be pretty difficult with the venue. What happens if more people show up? How will you entertain the people that do show up? Well, these questions can be easily solved by our Activity Room and Event Room! Whether it’s having a small get together, shooting a game billiards or watching the game, or having a surprise birthday for someone special in your life, the activity and event room, is a great place to host.

4. Lounge and Library

You have a package that you got from the mail, that new book you ordered came in! Where to go to enjoy that beautifully articulated storyline? Why, the library and lounge of course! Settle in and cozy up to hours of that page turner. You might want to order the next one in the series, because you are going to burn through that one quickly!

5. Theatre

Your friends are texting you, ‘what should we do tonight?’. You sit there pondering and an idea comes to your mind about a dinner and a movie! You head to Starving Artist on Lansdowne and then head back up with that movie you have all wanted to see for a while, so you make a quick call, book the theatre, and you and your friends can relax and experience that full cinema feeling from your own theatre. A great way to spend an evening.

See more information about our Amenities here or call 416 534 4444 to learn more.

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